Local Business Tax Receipts for Home Business

Home Business Applications require proof of residency (such as a utility bill). Home businesses are permitted, but are limited to the following business activities:

  • Post and receive correspondence of a business nature
  • Initiate and receive business communication by phone, fax or Internet with the following conditions:
    • The business use must be clearly incidental to the residential use and must not change the character of the residential use
    • No person other than family members residing in the premises can be engaged in the home business
    • No manufacturing, assembly or construction that may disrupt or alter the character of the neighborhood
    • Business cannot generate or attract any vehicular or pedestrian traffic to the residence
    • No sign or other advertising on the residence
    • No storage of materials or products
    • No products offered for sale on the premises
    • No commercial vehicles shall be kept on the premises or parked overnight
    • No evidence of the home business may be visible or audible from the exterior of the residence
    • Prohibited as home occupation uses are: barbershop, beauty parlor, tearoom, tourist home, animal hospital, nursing home, retail store, dancing or band instrument instruction or clairvoyant