Intersection Safety Camera Program

Notice Violation Contact

  • Phone: 866-225-8875


City of Aventura
Payments Processing Center
P.O. Box 742527
Cincinnati, OH 45274-2527
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Stopping at a Red Light Keeps Aventura Streets Safer

Not stopping at red lights is a dangerous and costly problem on Aventura streets and across the country. Aventura's Intersection Safety Camera Program is designed to reduce the number of violations, crashes and injuries caused by red-light runners. The objective is to change drivers' behavior, making the community safe as more and more drivers obey the traffic signals and stop on red.

Payment Options

View the Violation

View the violation details on the ViolationInfo website. Enter the notice number and PIN shown in the red box of your notice to view photos and video of your violation. Pay the fine within 60 days.

Pay Online

Visit the ViolationInfo website, and enter the notice number and PIN shown in the red box of your notice to pay by credit card. A convenience fee applies.

ViolationInfo Sign In Graphic

Pay by Mail

Send a check or money order payable to the City of Aventura along with the coupon at the bottom of your notice. Write your notice number and tag number on the front of your check or money order.

Payment by Mail Instructions

Pay by Phone

Call toll free 866-225-8875 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. A convenience fee applies.

Request a Hearing

You may request a hearing in writing within 60-days of the postmark date of the Notice of Violation. A Hearing Request Form will be included with the Notice of Violation.

Submit an Affidavit of Non- Responsibility

Submit an Affidavit of Non-Responsibility if your vehicle was sold or stolen, or in the care of another individual. If the vehicle was in the care, custody or control of another person, the Affidavit must be notarized. An Affidavit of Non-Responsibility may be obtained online at the ViolationInfo website. The Affidavit must be filled out accurately and in its entirety and submitted within 60 days of the date of the Notice of Violation. Filing a false affidavit is a misdemeanor and could result in arrest.

Failure to Pay

Failure to pay the civil penalty, request a hearing or to contest liability prior to the due date on the Notice of Violations will result in the issuance of a Uniform Traffic Citation.