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Go Green Recognition Program Application Form

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  2. Go Green Awards

    The City of Aventura annually invites residential and commercial property owners who have practiced environmental sustainability to be recognized with a Go Green Recognition Program award. The prestigious award is presented by the Community Services Advisory Board to those properties whose efforts have and continue to keep Aventura green.

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  5. Go Green Categories
    Please select all categories that apply.
  6. Categories
  7. Rules and Guidelines
  8. Go Green Awards

    Go Green recognition plaques are awarded based on the content of each application and can be awarded to more than one property in each category. Judges decisions are final and based on the applicant’s information.

  9. Provide Narrative
    All entries must be accompanied by a written narrative (100 words max.) explaining the details of the applicant’s efforts including any photos and must be signed by the applicant. Please ensure all entries are thoroughly completed upon submission as incomplete entries will not be considered.
  10. Submit Entry/Entries

    Entries must be submitted electronically. Please fill out this form in its entirety, provide all supporting documents, and submit by 5 PM on Friday, March 1, 2024

    Awards will be presented at the City of Aventura Earth Day/Arbor Day Ceremony on Friday, April 26, 2024.

  11. Upload Supporting Documentation
    Please only upload the necessary documentation. Uploads of 1 to 4 files are accepted.
  12. Applicant Agreement
    The applicant agrees to allow the judging panel access to the property for appraisal purposes and agrees to prominently display all awards on their property. For more information, please contact the Community Services Department at 305-466-3883.
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