City Commission

About the Commission

The City Commission is comprised of seven members, being the Mayor and six Commissioners.

Mayor Howard headshot

Howard S. Weinberg, Esq.


Dr. Linda Marks
commissioner stern

Dr. Linda Marks

Commissioner, Seat 1

Michael Stern

Commissioner, Seat 2

Commissioner, Seat 3

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Rachel Saltzman Friedland
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Paul A. Kruss

Commissioner, Seat 4

Rachel S. Friedland, Esq.

Commissioner, Seat 5

Amit Bloom

Commissioner, Seat 6

The form of government used in the City of Aventura, pursuant to its Charter, is a Commission-Manager form of government. Under this form of government the City Commission is the legislative branch of the government and the City Manager is the executive branch of the government.The City Commission enacts Ordinances, the laws of the City, adopts Resolutions authorizing actions on behalf of the City, reviews plans for development, and establishes the policies by which the City is governed. The City Manager is the Chief Executive Officer of the City, overseeing the day-to-day operations, administering the City's service providers, preparing long range plans, and implementing the policies established by the City Commission.

The City Commission hires the City Attorney, City Clerk and City Manager who then hires all subordinate employees.

About the Mayor

The Mayor is the ceremonial leader of the City, the presiding officer at Commission Meetings and is a voting member of the Commission, with his/her vote having no more or less weight than that of any other member of the Commission. While the leading political figure of the City, the Mayor does not bear the responsibility nor has the authority of directing the day-to-day municipal activities. The Mayor executes all Ordinance, Resolutions and issues Proclamations on behalf of the City, and represents the City to other public and private entities. The position of Mayor is considered to be "part-time," and not an employee of the City. The Mayor is elected at large to a four-year term, and may reside in any area of the City.


City Commissioners each have the same authority and ability to bring matters to, and to discuss and vote on matters before the Commission. The position of Commissioner is considered to be "part-time," and not an employee of the City.

Residential Areas of Elected Officials

For election purposes, the City is divided by the William Lehman Causeway into two areas. The City Charter requires that two (2) Commissioners reside in the northern area, and two (2) Commissioners reside in the southern area, and two (2) Commissioners and the Mayor shall be elected without regard to residence in any particular area.