Is feeding wild ducks harmful?

The ducks found in the City of Aventura around ponds and other waterways can be a mix of native and migratory waterfowl. As with any wildlife you come across in Florida, it is never a good idea to feed them.  Wildlife need to retain their natural instincts for survival. When animals are fed by humans important instincts, like migration, can be altered. The seemingly "helpful" act of feeding ducks can change their natural instinct to migrate back to their natural breeding grounds.

Food handouts can also increase the number of birds in a small area causing a potential for the spread of disease with increased droppings near water where it can travel through the local ecosystem. The dependency of wildlife on people for food can also cause nuisance situations and conflict between people and animals.

For more information about feeding wild waterfowl, view the U.S. Fish and Wildlife brochure titled, "Caution: Feeding Waterfowl May Be Harmful! (PDF)"

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