Chapter 2, Article VI of the City Code provides for legislation governing lobbying activities in the City of Aventura. Those individuals who are considered lobbyists pursuant to the Code must register with the City Clerk annually prior to January 15th and must pay an annual registration fee in the amount of $200. In addition, registered lobbyists must submit a Lobbyist Registration Form for each principal represented and provide a one-time fee for each principal in the amount of $100. Principals must also file a form with the City Clerk stating that the lobbyist is authorized to represent the principal.


A Principal of any corporation, partnership or other entity appearing as a lobbyist on behalf of that entity to express support or opposition to any item is required to register with the Clerk; however, that Principal shall not be required to pay any registration fees.

Lobbying Expenditures

On July 1st of each year, registered lobbyists shall submit to the City Clerk a signed statement under oath (Lobbying Expenditure Statement), listing all lobbying expenditures in excess of $25 for the preceding calendar year. A Lobbyist shall not be required to submit a statement, if there have been no expenditures during the reporting period (i.e. for the preceding calendar year).

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