Public Works/Transportation Department Achieves National Accreditation

Striving to support and maintain reliable services through efficient and innovative methods for the City of Aventura, in December of 2018,  the department achieved national accreditation awarded by the American Public Works Association (APWA). The accreditation examiners reviewed 327 policies, procedures and practices to determine if the department met the high standards for accreditation and were found to be 100% compliant.  The department became the 152nd out of 29,000 Public Works agencies in the country and the 14th in the State of Florida.

The APWA standards for accreditation cover all areas of Public Work’s services from Human Resources, Finance, road repairs, facility maintenance, and emergency management to name a few. The department’s Strategic Plan will be used as a model practice for other agencies.  The department’s services continue to enhance the quality of life for the City’s residents, businesses and visitors by maintaining City infrastructure and appearance of the City and providing public transportation opportunities to reduce vehicular traffic.

Further information concerning APWA accreditation is available at

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