Online Registration System (ORS)

The City of Aventura’s Online Registration System (ORS) facilitates the management and registration of classes, programs and activities.

All Aventura household accounts registered in the previous system prior to June 1, 2020 must create a new account in the new system and replace their existing Aventura ID card(s) with a new Aventura ID card.

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Household Accounts

A registered household account is required to process and complete transactions using the ORS.

New Accounts & Aventura ID Cards

  • New accounts must be created exclusively online. Step by step Instructions are available on how to create a new account and register for upcoming programs. Create account!

    Downloadable instructions (PDF) are available for support.

    (1) On the new ORS dashboard page, find and click the Create Account button.
    (2) Follow the instructions to set up the account including family members.
    (3) Upload picture(s) to be used for identification.
    (4) Verify address and residency.

  • New accounts will be verified before an Aventura ID card is issued.
    Once residency is verified, an email will be sent to the email provided during the account creation process with instructions on when to pick up the Aventura ID card(s).

Important Tips to Keep in Mind

  • A guest user can browse through activities listed in the ORS.
  • Upon completion of any transaction, please be sure to print a receipt for your records.