City Facts

A City with a Strong Community

In recent years, the City of Aventura has adopted several initiatives aimed at reinforcing a strong sense of community. With the building of its first Charter School in 2003, a state of the art Community Recreation Center, Founders Park and Waterways Park Expansion, and the Aventura Arts and Cultural Center, the City continues to grow, progress and build a strong sense of community.

City Facts

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Fountain and Pond

Land Area

  • 3.2 square miles 


  • 12 miles north of Miami  
  • 12 miles south of Fort Lauderdale  
  • 1 mile west of the Atlantic Ocean 

Form of Government

  • Commissioner-City Manager 

Annual City Budget

  • $58 million

Millage Rate

  • 1.7261


  • *37,262

Zip Codes

  • 33180
  • 33160

Total Real Estate Value

  • $10  billion

Police Force

  • 90 Sworn Officers
  • 38 Civilians

Major Economic Drivers

  • Retail
  • Medical

Number of Businesses

  • 2,708


  • White: 75% Hispanic: 21% Black: 2% Other: 2%* 

*Data may be periodically updated. Last revision: July 24, 2017.